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This list of articles were published within the past five years and focus on Monica’s work as an author and game designer.

    TBD, 2014, BenBella Publishing
    TBD, 2013,
    CORTEX PLUS HACKER’S GUIDE, “Roleplay Like You’re On TV,” 2013, Margaret Weis Productions
    THE BONES, “Make a Wish,” June 2010, Atomic Overmind Press

Websites, Newsletters, & Guest Columns

Over the past several years, Monica has written dozens of online articles and reviews. In the list below, you’ll find links and titles representing a broad range of topics and websites she’s contributed to.

Looking for a Q&A? Check out the author’s interviews and podcasts.

    “Dystopia and Cybernetic Birds in “Tailfeather” for Apexology”, September 2011,
    “Beyond Survival: Living in a Zombie-Filled World”, March 2011,
    “Inside Online Book Reviews: Do They Matter?”, October 2009, NINC Newsletter
    “Dig Deeper to Find a Heroic Heart”, June 2011, Rogue Blades Entertainment
    “Robotech: Behind the Legendary Series”, November 2010,
    “Love, Blood and Fangs: Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, October 2009, Sony/

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