Happy Firefly RPG Day!

Firefly RPG Front Cover

Last Friday I shared the new cover for the Firefly RPG. On Monday, we made an announcement that the Firefly RPG Corebook would go live today. And it has! You can grab a copy on DriveThruRPG.com and start flyin’!

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and there’s more to come. Thanks to Margaret Weis, my team, and all the fans for being so great and supportive. Shiny!

Firefly RPG Corebook Release Dates

Firefly RPG Front Cover

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the Firefly RPG corebook will be released in digital on Wednesday, April 2nd. You can get a copy of this 366 page full-color PDF on DriveThruRPG.com. Shiny!

We have more news, too, for pre-order customers and those who prefer a physical copy. Hop on over to www.margaretweis.com to read: Creative Directions…with Monica!

I hope you enjoy this game. I am very, very excited about this release and can’t wait to hear how you’re playin’ in the ‘Verse!

Keep flyin’!

New Cover for the Firefly RPG

Popping in quick today to share with you the new Firefly RPG cover. The illustrated cover we posted previously will be a full page title piece. We’ll be making an announcement next week to clarify the release date. The text has been approved; we’re now zeroing in on the art. Time-stamping this update: March 27, 2014. Otherwise, if you’re reading this far into the future, you may not realize this news is time-sensitive!

We are still taking pre-orders, by the way. Here’s the link!

Firefly RPG Front Cover

And here’s the back. What do you think? Is over 30 pre-generated characters and 75+ NPCs enough? Hee.

Firefly RPG Back Cover

An Interview with my Comic Publisher

Dropping in a quick note to let you know Red Stylo Media interviewed me on their website about my comic. If you notice, I didn’t talk about specific influences for this comic. I didn’t tap into comics for the story nor did I look at Frankestein-related renditions, like the Dean Koontz rendition, I took a page from the film The Last Man on Earth. I wanted to write a period zombie piece that emitted the feel of that movie and approach some of the larger Frankenstein themes. I feel comics as a medium has so much to offer storytelling-wise; it was awesome to write this. Anyway, I felt I’d be cheap CHEEP! if I mentioned comic titles here, since the story was inspired by a movie, so I opted not to.

Eventually, I’ll follow up with a post about some of my favorite comics, but for now… The self-promotion train is a-chugging along for “Last Man Zombie Standing,” Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology.

Q: If you could be any monster, who/what would you be?
A: Well, it’s quite possible I already am one. Last I checked, I could be a cylon? If it was any monster, I would say a shapeshifter. Because really, being able to transform shapes at will is extraordinarily useful with or without the “monster” attached.

Go on… Read the interview!

Hunter: Mortal Remains Preview

Popping in today to give you a preview of my work for the upcoming supplement HUNTER: MORTAL REMAINS by Onyx Path Publishing. I wrote interstitial fiction for this and provided art notes to thematically tie all the chapters together.

What follows is one of my favorite pieces; it’s an interview between a Hunter named Carlos Gutierrez and a Changeling named Zanthus. For updates on the upcoming supplement, visit the publisher’s website or forums.

    Carlos: Do you mind if I record this?
    Zanthus: I encourage you to do so.
    Carlos: Then let’s begin. I wanted to —
    Zanthus: — I agreed to this interview on two conditions. Do you remember what those are?
    Carlos: I promised you a favor.
    Zanthus: And?
    Carlos: You would ask the questions.
    Zanthus: That is true. May I ask what you were doing in Central Park? Odd time of year to summon the fae, and you don’t exactly look like the sort of mortal who’d seek us out.
    Carlos: No, I’m not. I just wanted to ask you a few questions.
    Zanthus: I will gift you with an answer for any question you ask, provided you agree to perform a favor for each one in return.
    Carlos: What? No, that wasn’t… Fine. I’ll do it.
    Zanthus: Oh, you must be desperate. Go ahead. Ask your first one.
    Carlos: Did one of your kind murder my friend? Here’s what he looked like before he was killed, then after.
    Zanthus: No.
    Carlos: Do you know what did?
    Zanthus: Yes. You now owe me three favors.
    Carlos: Wait! Just two, right?
    Zanthus: That’s four. You clearly asked me if this conversation would be recorded.
    Carlos: Fine. Have you seen my friend, Mags? Here’s her picture.
    Zanthus: Yes.
    Carlos: Where?
    Zanthus: The Museum of Conjurers, Spiritualists, and Charlatans. That’s six favors, Mr. Gutierrez. Would you like to know how to wipe the slate clean?
    Carlos: Yeah, sure.
    Zanthus: Then ask me.
    Carlos: Unbelievable. Fine. How do I combine all six —
    Zanthus: — seven
    Carlos: — seven favors into one?
    Zanthus: If you survive your ordeal, I will make arrangements for you to replace me as guardian of this ring.
    Carlos: You don’t sound too confident.
    Zanthus: No, Mr. Gutierrez. I am not. Now, you will give me the recorder as proof of our contract. In return, I will send you a printed transcript of this conversation. Of course, upon your death our contract will be null and void. We may be magical creatures, Mr. Gutierrez, but we are not creators or destroyers of worlds.

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