Tomato, Tamale

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Yes, this is a picture of a tomato. But not just ANY tomato. My first one! Er… Well, it’s the only one right now. I have four varieties of tomatoes growing. Truth be told, I can’t stand them fresh. Mash ’em up into salsas and sauces just fine, but eating them raw and wriggling? Not a fan. I could be convinced to eat them in a BLT, though! But yes, right now this is the lone tomato. It is solitary. It is red. It is the singular fruit of my labor.

The Lone Tomato

I also have to figure out what to do with lemon balm. My oregano died a thousand deaths, but it’s now a zombie oregano. There is a little bit that’s coming back. Both mints are doing quite well and so are, much to my surprise, my mini rosebush.

Um, don’t ask me about the carrots. That’s just embarrassing.

    Mood: It’s hot and I’m on deadline. Ergo, I’m whiny.
    Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Sweet, sweet legalized drug.
    Work-Out Minutes Logged Yesterday: I’m ashamed to admit there was none.
    In My Ears: White noise, courtesy of my fans. Not the real ones, the electric kind.
    Game Last Played: *coughs* Candy Crush. Otherwise known as the time-sucker.
    Book Last Read: Weird Words: A Lovecraftian Lexicon
    Movie Last Viewed: Arietty
    Latest Artistic Project: *Still* *still* *still* need to take pictures… It’s on the list!
    Latest Fiction Release: “The Button” We Are Dust anthology
    Latest Game Release: A fun Scion: Extras (Supplemental Yet Can Be Somewhat Useful On Occasion Scions)
    What I’m Working On: July 2013’s Progress Report

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