Gardening 2.0

Edgar the Lone Tomato

This is Edgar. He is the lone plant that survived gardening 1.0. In my first (failed) attempt, I started the plants indoors and they grew very tall. Transferred them outdoors and they died. I held a funeral for them, but opted to try again. This time, though, I consulting a gardening priest of hard-to-kill plants and priestess of all growing things before I went forth.

Flying Saucers

This is supposedly a hard-to-kill plant called “flying saucers.” And it’s yellow and green, which are Mallards/Packers colors! Must water often.

Orange Marigolds

The only thing I remember about marigolds, other than the fact that they are also harder to kill, is that they control pests. Ergo… I rather like these in particular. They remind me of fire.

Jalapeno on a Stick

A lovely farmer from our local market sold this jalapeno plant to me. Turns out this was supposed to be a hobby after retirement, but it turned into a full-time job for him. I am curious to see how this particular plant will grow and whether or not I can attach one to a stick.

Bebeh Plants

These are bebeh wildflowers I’m growing from seed. Not hard to kill, but rather… Reincarnated. They were all very tall and proud before the frost took them when they least expected it. So I am trying again. No idea what’s in this pot other than “wild flowers.” Do they salsa? Drink and party? We shall see. I may have to try cybernetic plants next time ’round, but I’m stubborn, so I’ll keep attempting the growing things out of pots.

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