My New Gig As Brand Manager, Writer for Firefly

Today, I am thrilled to announce that I am the Firefly brand manager for Margaret Weis Productions. I will also be writing for the line, too! Margaret Weis has been a joy to work with and I have a fantastic team filled with very, very talented people.

The Firefly license, which encompasses the hit Fox television series by Joss Whedon, will incorporate role-playing games and supplements so you can game in the ‘Verse.

More news to come!

6 Responses to My New Gig As Brand Manager, Writer for Firefly
  1. Maurice Broaddus


  2. Deane P. Goodwin

    Shiny! Welcome aboard. Can’t wait for some product

  3. Kimberly Unger

    WOOT! This is SHINY, Monica! Congratulations 😀

  4. Ken Erichsen

    Totally cool and long overdue! I can’t wait to see and purchase this product. Congrats!!!

  5. H. M. 'Dain' Lybarger

    Congratulations! MWP is full of great people, & always a pleasure to work with.

  6. Tim Gray

    “Chief Firebrand”.

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