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Taking a quick break between projects today to whittle down the dread pile o’ mailing and dive into more research. I made a master to do list and found there’s a lot of it to do. Sigh. Anyway, in between that and trying to figure out why the HECK my Bowie ain’t playing like he should on iTunes… Yes, I am having a day filled with minor annoyances. Minor, but still annoying. Like the fact my cats are both fuzzy, little angels today while, just yesterday, they were hell cats. This is because they know when I’m on deadline. Eesh.

So, today I shall reveal a secret. Why skulls? Why do I design skull jewelry like the earrings below and collect skull scarves (I currently have three), etc.? (You should see my house. It’s not country living, that’s for sure!)

haunted skullSkulls are an ancient symbol and, in many world myths, is believed to be where the soul is housed. A reminder of our own mortality, a skull can also signify miracles, rebirth, and other magical concepts connected to the passage of time and how we move through that. Of course, the symbol had more pragmatic uses for pirates and prostitutes. Symbols are often used to clearly identify groups of people or evoke emotions — like fear or the radical notion that all human beings end up the same way. “Death comes to us all.”

I’m a touch romantic. I rather like the idea that one symbol can mean two very different things. Not to mention, the “facing one’s mortality” has special significance to me. If you think about it, miracles tell us the fantastic can happen. Death, life — these aren’t just everyday miracles. This is magic.

When a skull starts “talking,” and death is at my door to reality — I watch for an everyday miracle. That’s what skulls do for me. Remind.

    Mood: Scully! Bad joke.
    Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Iced tea. Yes, I’m waiting for Spring.
    Work-Out Minutes Logged Yesterday: There was a gym. I went to it.
    In My Ears: Nothing. For some reason, Dave Mathews Band. And then? Nothing. Oh, wait! BOWIE’S BACK!
    Game Last Played: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
    Movie Last Viewed: The Warrior’s Way
    Latest Artistic Project: SHINIES. Still need to take pics…
    Latest Release: “The Button” We Are Dust anthology

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