Oh, Ye Purse Conundrum

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I hate buying a new purse. I really, really do. The issue isn’t just the design for me, it’s the materials because I can’t justify spending X amount on a design that isn’t intentional, functional, and made well. Lately, it’s also the weight because we’ve cut down our carbon footprint by bringing our own bags and I always, always, always have pen and paper with me at all times. Outside of groceries, most of what I shop for will fit in a purse, anyway — but weight can get to be an issue as well as the price. I have… Um… Not cheap tastes. I’ve spent $20 on a decent purse and $200; but I’m picky.

So, I bought a LeSportSac this time around. No, I did not have one in the 80s. Shut up. And yes, this means I am now old. Why they haven’t come up with a sugar skull pattern yet I’ll never know. (Shhhh… Don’t tell them, either because I just bought a black-and-white design and will likely have glowing red eyes if they put one out in the next few years. That or an ombre. Eesh.)

Pie in the sky? Pick an awesome purse, price no object, that’ll last forever and is pure, 100% bats of awesome?


Nightmare Before Christmas Bag

Mega huge props to Disney for partnering with Harvey. (There are several other Nightmare Before Christmas purses you can find here, too.) For those of you who don’t know, the Harvey purses are made out of seat belts. Brilliant, well designed. Love, love, love. Just wasn’t in the budget.

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