A Kickstarter for Cortex Plus With Yours Truly!

A-hem. I am part of a Kickstarter for a “hack” guide to Cortex Plus. My essay, titled “Roleplay Like You’re On TV” pares down the character concept into basic building blocks so you can play ANY television character from ANY genre and ANY show.

As of this moment, it’s already fifty percent funded — so join us! And please . . . grab those convention spots where one of us will GM a game IN PERSON for you!

The Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide is a collection of articles and essays for use with either Cortex Plus Drama (as seen in the Smallville Roleplaying Game) or Cortex Plus Action (as seen in the Leverage Roleplaying Game.) In order to best take advantage of the guide, you’ll want to own either or both of these games, though many articles are neutral to whichever Cortex Plus game you favor. — SOURCE: Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide on Kickstarter.

On the Kickstarter page, you’ll find a video and details about the rewards. For more information, read about the Cortex Plus Kickstarter on FlamesRising.com.

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