Fang (And I) Need Your Help

Dear Readers of Extraordinary Calibre:

If the “Have Blaster, Will Travel” Kickstarter reaches its next stretch goal of $3,000 by Sunday, April 29th, you will receive three new science fiction stories in this anthology. Not only am I one of the authors included in that new goal, but you’ll also get a story *just* about Fang, the psychotic teddy bear featured in the novella Redwing’s Gambit.

I believe in this setting, the publisher, and the talented authors involved. But more than that, this is my opportunity to write a character fans like and design a plot you’ll enjoy. To me, that’s “the” reason why I write.

I hope you’ll support this collection of stories and beg your forgiveness if this went too far into Self-Promotion Land, but there are days when I ache for the cheers of my readers. This character is one of my favorites and I’d hate to see him die a horrible, untimely death.

To back the Kickstarter, visit Have Blaster, Will Travel: A Bulldogs! Anthology


Agent M

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