My Guest Post at SFWA: An Overview of Writing for Print vs. the Web

As a writer, I’m often asked to describe the difference between writing for a print publication and writing for the web. This month, I had the chance to write an in-depth article for that provides you with some insight as to why writing for an online publication is so different from writing for print.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Many, if not all, online content providers know about search engine optimization and how powerful well-created content can help lift a site in the search engine rankings to attract visitors. This content, however, doesn’t come “free,” which is why there is such a huge need for good content written with SEO in mind. SEO is one of the reasons why there are places online that want your writing; many companies are looking for good, keyword-driven articles that they can use on their website. Some of you may feel that SEO isn’t really important all the time; in my experiences, SEO is a component of your online writing toolkit but it isn’t the only one.

Be sure to read the full article entitled An Overview of Writing for Print Vs the Web. If you have any questions, feel free to add your thoughts over there.

2 Responses to My Guest Post at SFWA: An Overview of Writing for Print vs. the Web
  1. bangladesh freelance

    Quite agree with you!

    SEO is a must in web and blog marketing.

    Nice post!

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  2. Williams

    Writing for the web is less strict as far as editorial rules and guidelines go. Technical writing is a big business can anyone can break into the technical writing business with little or no experience. Print is much stricter, and its all a means of connections for getting print work.
    (content writing tips)


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