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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America was kind enough to ask me to write an article about online marketing for their website. After mulling over what I wanted to talk about, I decided to contact a few authors I knew to ask them to weigh in on an aspect of online marketing called “personalization.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Get Personal with your Marketing Efforts

    In recent years, the topic of online marketing has become more of a focal point for several authors. Coupled with the changes in the publishing industry and advances in technology, I seem to have more discussions about online marketing than I do about writing fiction, in part because I’ve been involved in online marketing professionally for the past few years.

Read the remainder of how to Get Personal With Your Marketing Efforts on the SFWA website.

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2 Responses to My Article for the SFWA about Personalization
  1. Tracy

    That’s a pretty interesting article. I thought of a question, though, and that is: how do you lure someone to read your blog? I read several authors’ blogs, but they are all authors whose books I enjoyed BEFORE reading the blog (Neil Gaiman and Charlaine Harris, for example). Now I follow them, and get excited about the clips from their new books — but I’d be unlikely to read the blog of an author I’d never heard of.

    And in contrast… I have never read any of John Scalzi’s books and am unlikely to do so. I read his blog because the blog is entertaining, and got there through recommendations of friends. They didn’t recommend his books — they recommended his website. So that’s a different angle on the problem.

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