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From April 24th through the 26th, I will be appearing at Odyssey Con 2009, a small science fiction and fantasy convention held here in Madison, Wisconsin. This will be the first convention I’ll be speaking at this year, and I’ve taken on quite a few panels in order to share my thoughts with you and promote my work. Unfortunately, my new short story that will appear in the Buried Tales of Pinebox, TX anthology may not be released just yet. I’ll bring along a few copies of the Tales of the Seven Dogs Society, though. Here are the panels I’ll be appearing on:

  • Networking at conventions (15)
  • Worldbuilding – Some Necessary Background (31) Waiting Confirmation
  • GAME FICTION: The Good, the Bad the Ugly (89)
  • SF and Horror (91)
  • So You Wanna Be A Freelancer? (107)

In addition to the OddCon panels that I will be appearing on with Guests of Honor Patrick Rothfuss and Sarah Monette, you can join in the fun! Be sure to check out the fiction writing contest and come to network with other writers and fans of the genre. Also on hand will be Emma Bull Guest of Honor, Matt Forbeck, novelist and game writer, Michael Damien Thomas and Lynne Thomas, Jeff Preston, Illustrator, Matt M McElroy of the Flames Rising Horror and Dark Fantasy Webzine and several other wonderful guests!

Hope to see you there!

About Monica

Monica Valentinelli is a writer, game designer, and consultant who lurks in the dark.

Monica has published both original stories as well as tie-in fiction for games like Vampire: the Masquerade. Her short stories have appeared in many anthologies and collections including Extreme Zombies, Don’t Read This Book, and New Hero Volume 1.

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